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Integrated Web Marketing

World-Class Web Design

We pride ourselves in building world-class designs for our clients’ websites. All sites are unique,custom-designed, and mobile-friendly.

Medical Content Integration

Our extensive library of multimedia medical content provides our clients with an effective and educational practice website. All we need is the physician’s CV, photo and list of services to get started. We provide all the medical content for your website so you don't have to.

Search Engine & Social Media Optimization

We work closely with our clients to keep their websites in line with the marketing strategy of their practice.Our services include Search Engine Optimization without additional costs. Our Premium Package upgrades include Social Media Optimization to manageand promote your site on YouTube and Facebook.

What we do

Your Practice Online specializes in building world-class custom websites for physicians, surgeons,surgical centers, hospitals and educational health organizations.

Our integrated web marketing is an online marketing approach for medical practices and organizations to portray a consistent image, and deliver important information andmultimedia health education through their websites.

Your Practice Online provides a comprehensive solution for the development of your practice's internet marketing strategy.

These animated anatomies, conditions and treatment procedures will greatly enhance your site while engaging and educating your patients on your practice’s specialties, health topics and procedures. All of our multimedia movies feature animation and narration to help make difficult surgical procedures easy to understand.

What we do

Multimedia is a powerful tool that uses dynamic, visual presentations to capture the attention of the audience and explain complicated medical information in a condensed and user-friendly manner.

Our Library Includes

General surgery, Respiratory,Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery,Cardiovascular/ Heart, MedicalTests, Dental, Gynecology, Ear,Nose, Throat, Neurology,Dermatology, Genitourinary,Gastrointestinal, Bariatric, Cosmetic, Eye

Web Promotion is the process of making your website known to those who might be interested in your services and offerings.

We register your website with thousands of search engines to make your registration results more valuable and increase your placement position. Our proprietarytechnology enables your site to be re-registered monthly with all search engines, directories, web rings, etc. Your Practice Online uses both automatic and manual search engine submission methods depending on the site content, purpose, and previous success achieved.

Your Practice Online uses an interconnected framework to optimize your online marketing presence with Social Media. Using a variety of social networking tools, online communities, and blog sites, we generate viral publicity by increasing the awareness of your services.

The integration of Search Engine and Social Media Optimization will allow your practice to achieve the best possible internet search results.

Search Engine & Social Media Optimization

Our proprietary process systematically increases the amount of targeted traffic to your site through search engines and social media sites. Clients often see an increase of 60% or more from our SEO and SMO improvement process.

Measure Results with Google

Clients can measure their Return on Investment (ROI) with Google Analytics. This tool provides reports on the number of visitors, their location, how they find your site, the content that has been viewed, amount of time spent on the site, and other such vital information.

SEO Graph

Grow with YPO Global Directory

Our clients’ sites are placed in our Global Directory. Being a part of this directory increases your page ranking in search engines and adds to the overall Search Engine Optimization strategy for your site. e-Brochure Download.