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Cartilage Restoration, Department of Orthopedics

Center for Cartilage Restoration at Rush

+1 312 432 2599


Dr. Brian J. Cole and Dr. Adam B. Yanke, experts at the Center for Cartilage Restoration at Rush in Chicago, Illinois, specialize in repairing or replacing damaged cartilage before more advanced deterioration occurs. They are leaders in developing innovative biologic methods for addressing early cartilage damage in the knee, shoulder, elbow, foot, ankle, and hip. These early treatments can delay or even prevent the need for joint replacement surgery. The Cartilage Restoration Center at Rush University strives to provide the most current treatment to patients with cartilage damage while also pioneering future therapies. This is accomplished through a three-pronged approach of remaining up to date on all current surgical procedures, publishing clinical outcomes on procedures being performed, and performing bench research for translational changes to affect future patient care.