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Professional Title Orthopaedic Consultant, Biomedical & Forensic Engineer

  • MB BS ME(Res) LLM

Experience Director of Orthopaedic Surgery & Surgery at Concord Hospital.

Degrees held other than medicine Masters Degree in Engineering. Masters degree in Laws

Awards and citations
  • Pauwel’s Medal for contributions to World Orthopaedic Research
  • The Marshall Webb Medal for Military Surgery.
  • Tow Prize in surgery at the University of NSW.

Areas of particular expertise General Orthopaedics, Trauma, Sport and Back injuries. Knee and hip replacements. Defective products and Medical Malpractice. Workplace accidents. Maritime Accidents.

Types of reports undertaken Workers Compensation: Personal injury: Clinical Negligence. Product Liability.

Types of experience Dr. Higgs receives requests for the everyday medical report to the extra ordinary. He has provided opinions for court on Implant devices, trade marks, gym equipment, etc.

No. of reports Dr Higgs receives approximately 450 instructions per year

Waiting Time Waiting time for appointments is currently 3-4 weeks. One appointment per week is reserved for clients with short notice.

Type of work The approximate ratio of work for Claimant: Respondent: Joint Instructions is approximately 60:35:5.

Consulting rooms Mater Clinic
Suite 2, Mater Hospital
North Sydney NSW 2065

Fees In accordance with gazetted fees. See Legal section. Medical Negligence and issues of Product Liability according to complexity.