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Specialties: Orthopaedics, Hip, Regenerative Medicine

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The Texas Institute for Hip & Knee Surgery, in alignment with Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin, strives to explore the most innovative and minimally invasive treatments available for hips and knees. With multiple ongoing clinical research projects, Dr. David Dodgin and Dr. E. Matthew Heinrich are in tune with the latest and most effective technologies and techniques on the market today. Here, at the Texas Institute for Hip & Knee Surgery, we recognize importance of clinical research in order to ensure the sustainability of medical advancements throughout the World for generations to come. Our research patients have the unique opportunity to directly support this mission while gaining a deep understanding of their own progress after their surgical procedure.

All studies performed at the Texas Institute for Hip & Knee Surgery are thoroughly reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board prior to the enrollment of any patient. This board ensures our research projects are FDA compliant and that the rights of all involved patients are upheld to the fullest extent. Descriptions of each trial performed at the Texas Institute for Hip & Knee Surgery will be available upon request.

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