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Dr John Velyvis

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Specialties: Orthopaedics, Hip, Joint Replacement, Knee


John Velyvis, MD is a fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon with offices in San Francisco & Daly City. His degree in biomedical engineering from Harvard University has helped him implement the latest technological advances into his surgical practice, allowing patients to recover faster with less pain.


His particular focus is robotic-assisted partial knee resurfacing, using Blue Belt Technologies and Mako Surgical. According to Dr. Velyvis, “Far too many patients with knee pain are having traditional total knee replacements, when the majority actually qualify for this major technological advance. With unsurpassed precision, this minimally invasive procedure spares the undamaged portions of the knee and all the ligaments. This leads to a speedier, more comfortable recovery, with a long-lasting knee that functions far more naturally, for an unparalleled return to the activities of life.” To find out if you qualify, call or make an appointment on-line...........



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